In 1979 Edward Lobman and Burt Carnahan founded the law firm of Lobman, Carnahan, Batt, Angelle & Nader. Located in the central business district of New Orleans, the firm originally specializing in insurance defense has expanded and grown along with the needs of its clients. Since its inception, Lobman, Carnahan, Batt, Angelle & Nader has maintained a law practice in the areas of insurance defense and general casualty litigation, representing property and casualty insurers throughout Louisiana, Texas and the Southeastern United States.

The firm recruits attorneys who desire to become trial lawyers, and courtroom experience is stressed immediately. Because of this philosophy and commitment, Lobman, Carnahan, Batt, Angelle & Nader has earned the reputation as a respected litigation firm. The people of Lobman, Carnahan, Batt, Angelle & Nader are a diverse mix and demonstrate mutual respect and dedication to their clients and each other.

Today, from its offices in the New Orleans central business district, Lobman, Carnahan, Batt, Angelle & Nader's foremost commitment is providing superior and cost-effective legal services for its clients.